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TrekMUSH: Among the Stars Official Wiki

Welcome to the official wiki of the ATS TrekMUSH, the oldest Star Trek-themed MUSH still running. This wiki site provides both IC and OOC information about the MUSH for the benefit of both new and veteran players alike. Unless otherwise expressly stated, the information stated within is to be considered OOC information only.


Beginning in 1993 under the name Future Realms, ATS has stood the test of time (and the MMORPG age) as a bastion for those Trekkies who want an open-ended experience living in a Trek-themed universe. The home of the ASpace virtual space system employed on many Trek-themed MU*, ATS continues to move forward with new systems and new ideas as it celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its launch.

With an active playerbase of over one hundred individuals settled in five nations (or orgs as they are referred to in-game) and a diligent staff, ATS is always looking for new players to join us in playing Star Trek and perhaps even bringing some unique, new thoughts on how we can continue to evolve and remain the most successful TrekMUSH ever. If you have the time and the desire, please join us at

The Options

As we indicated, there are five nations (orgs) from which to choose on ATS and they are listed below.

United Federation of Planets

Klingon Empire

Cardassian Union

Galactic Ferengal Alliance

Romulan Republic (OPEN NOW!)

Along with the five orgs, there are twenty-six races to choose from when creating a character, a simple yet robust die-based combat system, a mission-based trade system that also allows for independent commodity trading, and a merits system that allows players to achieve ranks in their organizations at their own accord and upgrade their personal ships to classes which fit their style of play. Roaming the space lanes, players will come across Orion pirates, Hirogen hunters, the dreaded Borg and others looking to fight, trade or simply meet over drinks.

Current Events

Migration to Penn 1.8.6p0 Is just around the corner! With that comes lots of new features, including xterm256 support, KEEPALIVE flag, @chan/recall, @Monikers, Dynamic Border system, Too many bug fixes to list, and a streamlined registration process. Soon after migration, we will see some other cool things, such as Smarter AI, Dynamic nebulae and anomaly system, science merits which tie into the nebulae and anomaly system for exploration, and a re-imagined cloaking system.

We have lots of plans in store for the game, and cannot wait to share our new visions with you!

The Staff

Like most MUSH, the ATS staff is a collection of roybits (referred to as admin) and wizards (referred to as assholes). However, unlike some MUSH, the orgs of ATS have no official staff themselves. Below you will find a list of our admin and wizards.



Admin Requests

Go to Admin Requests and edit it with any requests you may have for moving pages, images, blah, blah, blah.

Game History

Go to The Extensive Game History to learn about what has happened in the game since we opened. Remember, we part ways with canon at DS9's "Way of the Warrior". This is still a work in progress, please pardon our dust.

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